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129 Ashman St.
Midland, MI. 48640
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Monday - Wednesday: 10am - 6pm 
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Eight years ago, we began with a dream that has slowly and prayerfully blossomed into a reality. The beginning of this dream stemmed from our desire to produce a quality candle, something we would enjoy in our own home, and possibly sell at craft shows. We spent time researching and experimenting until we had produced a candle that met our expectations and we began to make our rounds at craft shows. Our business was good, our customers were reordering and our referral business boomed. As a result, www.coyercandles.com was born. This extension of our business was also successful and here, the seed was planted, the dream of eventually opening our own store.

On August 1st, 2010, our dream was made real, we had our Grand Opening at our new location in downtown Midland, MI. It was a 10 foot wide building that was 80 feet long {essentially, a hallway}. We made it work by making all of the candles in the back of the store and selling retail in the front. Storage was slim, but somehow, it all worked out! After two years in this location, our business had grown so much that we were selling on a National and International level. Knowing if we wanted to continue to grow the wholesale part of our business, we'd have to look for a larger location {with storage}! In August of 2012, we moved around the corner to our current location; an open-concept store where everyone can watch us make the products we sell all over the world. It's also a spot where we can sell other Michigan/USA-Made items as well. 

Our business continues to grow as we work with local organizations in their fundraising efforts {we give back 50%} and build relationships with other businesses that so kindly sell our products. We love our community as they have been big supporters of our products!

This all stemmed from a simple conversation of wanting to be able to spend more time with our family and help bring back the art of doing something hand made. We took charge of our journey....thank you for your support!


Scott + Lisa Coyer

Owners of the Coyer Candle Co. 

|  Dream it, Believe it, Make it happen. |